The Main Direction of the Automotive Bearing Industry in the Future

The automotive bearing industry has experienced nearly a hundred years of development, and its future trends are mainly in the following directions:

(1) Improve the quality of raw materials: By controlling and improving the quality of raw materials, such as using new steel grades, new materials, using surface modification, treatment technology, etc., the bearing life and bearing capacity can be further improved.

(2) Improve product integration: develop the next generation of automotive wheel hub bearing units. At present, the third generation of automotive wheel hub bearing units has been widely mass-produced, and the fourth and fifth generation of automotive wheel hub bearing units have been theoretically realized. Can it be commercialized? Mass production awaits the test of the market.

(3) Improve design intelligence: use computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and computer integrated manufacturing system/information management system (CIMS/IMS) technology to improve the accuracy and efficiency of production.

(4) Large-scale flexible manufacturing: Large-scale flexible production has become an important development trend in the bearing manufacturing industry in the future.

(5) Improve product reliability: It is expected that in the future, with the strong support of national policies, my country’s bearing industry will develop rapidly. Bearing manufacturers will increase investment in research and development, introduce advanced foreign equipment, continuously improve research and development design capabilities and manufacturing levels, improve key technical indicators such as the accuracy, performance, and life of bearing products, and narrow the gap with the technical level of foreign advanced automotive bearing manufacturers. gap, and gradually realize the import substitution of high-end products.

(6) Refinement of market division of labor: International leading bearing enterprises have formed an organized and refined division of labor and specialized production in their respective market segments. In the future, domestic bearing enterprises will closely follow the development trend of the global market, clarify the division of labor and positioning, develop in-depth in the segmented market, cultivate their own competitive advantages, and achieve economies of scale.

Post time: Jun-21-2022