23th Anniversary of YIXUAN bearing company

LINQING YIXUAN BEARING CO. LTD have successfully completed 23 years in bearing Industry. We started our Journey in 2000 since then we have been Growing tremendously. In these years your support has helped us to gain many Vendors & Customers. Our import rate increased, also we did Exports to many Countries. Providing customer satisfaction & fulfilling Customer needs are our topmost Priority. At the beginning of 2020, Linqing Yixuan Bearing Co., Ltd. launched the “Expansion Project with An Annual Output of 8 Million Sets of Precision Bearings”.After the expansion is completed, The annual production capacity will reach 14 million sets. We are working hard to complete he project as soon as possible. Thank You for being in this Journey with Us & providing your constant Support.

Happy 23th Anniversary to US !!!

Post time: Feb-27-2023