Continuous innovation and development

“TRK series ultra-low noise deep groove ball bearings” excellent performance 

The development philosophy of Linqing Yixuan Bearing Co., Ltd. is continuous quality improvement, innovation and development, and the pursuit of excellent quality. The company has long been taking technological innovation as the first productivity, and constantly actively developing core technology and high-quality precision bearing products with strong market competitiveness.

With the manufacturing of bearings more and more precise, people expect more and more high vibration performance of bearings, as is known to all, under the same use conditions, the lower the vibration and noise level of bearings, the longer the technical life, fatigue life, reliability and high speed, in addition to vibration and noise will cause people’s auditory discomfort, become a harmful factor affecting the surrounding environment, because of this, Vibration and noise have not only become technical and use indicators, but also taken as an important diagnostic indicator, and become one of the comprehensive indicators to judge the quality of bearings.


According to the market demand and the company’s long-term R&D and innovation development strategy, the company started the research and development of “TRK series ultra-low noise deep groove ball bearings” a while ago. Based on the dynamic analysis of deep groove ball bearings, the technology center of the company established the simulation mathematical model of the dynamic performance of low noise deep groove ball bearings, using ADAMS multi-body dynamic analysis software, The simulation analysis software system of low noise deep groove ball bearings was developed, and the simulation analysis of low noise deep groove ball bearings was carried out. The influences of bearing radial clearance, inner and outer groove radius coefficient of curvature, cage hole guide clearance, cage eccentricity, axial and radial load and speed on bearing vibration were explored. Through sample trial production, With the pilot test of a large number of advanced testing instruments of the company and the modification of the scheme and optimization of parameters for many times, the technology center has made a major breakthrough in the ultra-low noise technology of deep groove ball bearings.


In order to ensure the successful transformation of advanced technology and make the products reach the expected design goals, the company invested heavily in the production link to introduce the automatic bearing inner and outer diameter detector. Automatic ultrasonic efficient cleaning machine, automatic bearing flexibility detector, automatic installation sleeve instrument, automatic bearing clearance detector, automatic bearing vibration detector, a large number of advanced technical equipment for the company to produce high precision bearings to provide strong quality assurance and support. The “TRK series ultra-low noise deep groove ball bearings” developed by the company, after a number of index tests, the bearing operation performance is excellent, the vibration noise parameters keep stable V3 and above the index range, reaching the international advanced bearing technology level.

Post time: Nov-11-2022