Linqing Yixuan Bearing Co., Ltd. R&D Center

Recognized as “Municipal Technology Center” by Liaocheng Development and Reform Commission

Linqing Yixuan Bearing Co., Ltd. has always regarded technological innovation as the primary productive force since its establishment, and actively researched and developed competitive core technologies and products. In October 2017, it established a research and development center and formulated a series of related management systems, while paying attention to The introduction and training of various professional and technical personnel has formed a high-level and high-quality R&D team. In order to continuously improve product performance and broaden product specifications, the company has actively established industry-university-research cooperation relationships with Luoyang Bearing Research Institute Co., Ltd. and Shandong Luozhou Bearing Research Institute Co., Ltd., and has received strong technical support from these research institutes. At present, the company has obtained 2 invention patents and 8 computer software copyright authorization registrations through independent research and development and industry-university-research cooperation. The series of intellectual property rights have played a core supporting role in the company’s main products. In order to achieve continuous innovation in products and technologies, the company extracts no less than 5% of its sales revenue for research and development every year.

In July 2021, the company’s R&D center was recognized as a “Municipal Enterprise Technology Center” by the Liaocheng Development and Reform Commission.

Post time: Nov-11-2021